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Phew! I’m having a hard time keeping up with the sketch-a-day challenge.  This one I don’t like so much… In fact I found it hard to even finish her hair. Maybe I’m just not cool enough to draw dark pictures yet!!

Today for my daily sketch (for a challenge with Miki) I used a few more lovely illustrations from the same Pixiv collection as before.  I liked the pose but didn’t really want to draw a bike so I modified it to my liking.  The pleats will need to be fixed (they don’t look very natural)!

For today’s sketch (drawn for my challenge to Miki), I used a reference picture from the Pixiv Girls Collection.  Actually, I think it might even be the cover of the whole book! Yes, the picture is that awesome.

I mainly used the picture as a reference to help me try out a new position for my character.  I also adopted the wavy hair because I’ve never done it really and thought it would be great to try out. 

Unfortunately, I draw sketches so lightly that my scanner would NOT pick up the lines even with low brightness and a high resolution. *sigh* So I put up a crappy iPhone picture for now, but for sure I will finish inking this and post it when it looks nicer! :)

sketch-a-day week-long challenge ♥

Yesterday I challenged an artist I met on Deviant Art, Miki, to a week-long sketch-a-day challenge.  The first one is due tonight!